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Dear Friend,


Prana Newsletter is at its heart, a modest attempt to communicate our love, respect and gratitude to members and fellow meditators who repose faith in us and find refuge in our offerings.

In Sanskrit, a language as old as civilization, Prana means the life force energy that manifests as breath, movement, and existence itself. Indic religion and spirituality conceptualises Prana as the power of the Supreme Mother, nurturing every cell in every living being.

Every month, we aim to bring our readers the latest updates on Breathe Meditation online classes, workshops and special events as well as meditation highlights from around the world and our new and ongoing philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

No matter where you are in your personal journey exploring the beauty, bliss and challenges of a meditative life, we hope that our messages bring you in some modest way, a sense of peace, cooperation and dignity in community.


In Gratitude,

Mahalakshmi Mahadevan,

Founding Member, Breathe Meditation.

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