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Kundalini Yoga Breathing

On average human beings take 10-20 breaths per minute (0.07 - 0.16 Hz).


Regular practicioners of diaphragmatic or Yogic breathing can slow the rate of breathing down to 3-7 breaths per minute.


Controlled deep breathing techniques such as Pranayama are at the heart of ancient practices of well-being and can influence our ability to overcome anxiety, improve sleep and live life to the fullest.


Investigations into the physiological impact of "slow breathing has uncovered significant effects on respiratory, cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory and autonomic nervous systems" (Russo et al., 2017, 13: 298-309).

Breathe Home: Welcome
  • Relaxed & nourishing all-levels Pranayama and meditation.
    30 min
    20 യു.എസ്. ഡോളർ
  • Breath boost with advanced Pranayama & meditation.
    30 min
    25 യു.എസ്. ഡോളർ
  • Breath meditation with chanting and devotional singing.
    30 min
    By donation
  • All levels guided yogic restorative sleep.
    30 min
    20 യു.എസ്. ഡോളർ